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Heidi Dulebohn

In order for your organization to thrive, there needs to be more inclusive representation at work.

Some call them soft skills, but to capture them one must embrace a certain state of mind

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Of course times have changed. But some things should not slip. Professionalism and care in presentation are two of them.

To thrive in a virtual workplace, your communication skills may need an upgrade.


This underrated soft skill will greatly improve your ability to communicate personally and professionally.


A leader must be selective, and wisely decide when to show your vulnerability or “human side.”

Never underestimate the power of soft skills to advance your leadership influence — and earn you strange local cakes

Heidi Dulebohn

Communication skills may suffer in a tension filled environment. That can be dangerous for leaders, especially in a work context.

Heidi Dulebohn

Cracking Social Codes for Good| International Cultural Consultant |

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